About 2 weeks ago me and the girls took a day trip to Milan during Milan Fashion Week! There was a lot of hustle and bustle all around the city but unfortunately most of it was closed off to the public. This did not stop us from walking up and down the streets despite the cold weather and rain. The store windows were stunning, Dolce and Gabbana was my favorite, I took as many pictures as I could! Next up our weekend trip to Switzerland!




Roma! (Day 3)

So our last and final day was to “ancient Rome” the part of the city that not only is where the Colosseum is but many other beautiful ancient monuments like emperors palace. The Colosseum was really neat it was huge and still after all these years had so much detail. The original floor is gone so you can see all the beneath floor where the gladiators, animals and scenery would come up from. It was a great way to end our time in Rome!




Roma! (Day 2)

Day 2, may have topped day 1! We started at the Castle St. Angelo it was filled with breathtaking views and the burial site of one of Italy’s first emperor’s. Next up was The Vatican. We walked a short distance right to the Colonnade, the pillars that line St. Peter’s Basilica. As we finally got to the front of the line we entered the church. It was truly the most amazing and beautiful place I have seen so far. With grand statues of St. Peter, past Popes and famous sculptures like Michael Angelo’s Pieta. After a quick shopping trip we headed to the Vatican museum to see the Sistine Chapel. I obviously could not take pictures of it but it was a sight to see and really cool after learning about it for years to actually be able to see it in person. That ended our second day and the last day we would see “ancient Rome”…






Roma! (Day 1)

Spent this past weekend in Rome and it was A-mazing! I took so many pictures there will probably be four posts throughout the next couple days. Our first day we took a tour in the area surrounding our hotel. First stop the Trevi fountain, I have seen pictures before but they and not even mine do it justice, it’s beautiful! The water is crystal clear and the sculptures are unreal. I made three wishes and it was onto the next stop! We passed by a lot of pillars which are scattered all over Rome,all brought there from Egypt, in fact there are more in Rome than left in Egypt! Another great sight was the Pantheon, it is gigantic, it still has all the original statues and opening to the sky in the center of the dome. We also passed by a lot of their political buildings, and went to the “squares” in Rome filled with vendors, and restaurants such as Campo di Fiore. Day one was only a taste of the great things we would see throughout the weekend, to be continued..



Pisa oh Pisa

Took a day trip to Pisa with the girls on Friday, it was only an hour train ride and the weather was great. Pisa is a cute little town the main attraction naturally being the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It stands, crookedly of course, next to the Cathedral of Pisa a breathtaking church surrounded by perfectly trimmed green grass. The tower itself was suppose to be a a bell tower but started leaning only a couple years after completion. It’s more beautiful than I assumed in person and the pictures not as easy to take as one would think. It took four iPhones, an actual camera, and sitting on the cement for two hours to get the perfect shot, worth it!




For my professors back at Fisher

First day of classes went great. My italian teachers only speaks to us in Italian with small hints as to what he is saying so I am hoping ill be fluent in no time! Trend forecasting was extremely interesting like I thought,had to download photo shop and a couple other editing tools to begin one of the 3 portfolios we do. Professor Stoehrer if you are reading this one of the first questions was what is zeitgeist, you’ll be proud to know I raised my hand and could answer with confidence 🙂 until next time Ciao!


Comfy clothes and Comfort food

It was rainy Saturday but the city still managed to look like a movie scene.The girls and I threw on our biggest sweaters and walked around locating all of our buildings for classes Monday. Then headed to the market to get fresh ingredients for dinner. We decided on a delicious hot meal of sausage and peppers,fresh ciabatta bread,and what warms better than a glass of vino!



Me and the girls have been searching the city to find some authentic Italian food,which may sound funny but there are some places who think they can get the tourist to come in and serve a mediocre meal! We walked into an amazing little lunch place who serves the best bread and hand tossed salads. Then for dinner after an hour of walking,crossing the Ponte Vecchio, and asking around a bit we stumbled into an amazing local spot called Osterio Santo Spirito. I had the best gnocchi of my life with continuous wine, bread and olive dip! And of course tiramisu gelato.Then we capped of the night off with some more drinks at a local bar, cheers! ( Mom that was for you 😉)